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Finding the Artist Within

Finding the Artist Within

(6-week course via Zoom webinar,  1.5 hr sessions)

Dates and Times TBD

Presented by Penney De Pas, MA

Have you ever wanted to be an artist, a musician, a dancer, work in the theater, or have more creative time? Maybe you don't think you are "good enough" or "have enough time" Maybe you tell yourself that you "don't have talent, skills, or the financial resources necessary to be successfull". Maybe you are afraid. Maybe you haven't given yourself permission to follow your dream.

"Finding the Artist Within" is a six-week workshop given online via the Zoom webinar technology that allows you to join live via computer or mobile phone to see the other participants from the comfort of your home or office. The course is given in real time (not pre-recorded) so that your questions can be answered and your comments shared with the other participants.

Fee is $50 per person. Cash, check, or credit card (Square, Venmo, or PayPal) accepted.

Penney has given this acclaimed course many times through the City of Raleigh's Pullen Arts Center, NCSU's Osher Lifetime Learning Institute, the Unity Church, and the Durham Arts Center. (This is NOT Julia Cameron's "The Artist Way" which is not permitted to be given for a fee. It is an interactive course Penney developed herself.) Please note: although we will have some artistic expansion exercises, this course does not teach painting, music, drawing, acting, dancing, etc., but Penney can refer you to other organizations and individuals who can. By the end of the course, you will have a 12-month creativity plan: concrete steps to take in the next year to expand your creative actions that are customized to you and your interests.

Interested persons should contact Penney De Pas directly through the Contact Form to answer any questions and make arrangements to register and pay for the course, at which time you will receive the Zoom log-in.

Testimonials from past course evaluations:
"I wanted to get more motivated to go back to making, and I ended up with a 12-month creativity plan."
"I was hoping to get direction, focus and ideas. I learned how to overcome my fears."
"I realized I was more artistic than I knew, with many interests in music, writing, pottery, etc."
"I re-energized my artistic self and right brain."
"I learned how to enjoy being artistic; we are all artists. I enjoyed the hands-on homework and the various definitions of being an artist."

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